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Copyright Bill Brandt Estate 2013 published by Thames & Hudson

Throughout his photographic career, Bill Brandt (Hermann Wilhelm Brandt, b. 1904 Hamburg, Germany – 1983) continued to explore the poetry of the nude form. Brandt had assisted Man Ray in his Paris studio in the 1930’s when Brandt started to think of using a nude subject to investigate the unique perspective of a camera versus the normal human visual perspective. Brandt’s poetic experiments resulted in his use of high contrast and the distorted nude subject in conjunction with the built and natural environmental landscapes.

The editor of this book created seven sections to complement the visual design chosen by Brandt in his two earlier books on this same subject. As Brandt mixed earlier and later work in each section, the editors chose to follow this same practice. The sections are; nudes in the interior environment, abstraction with wide-angle perspective, very…

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